Weird crash problem

We’ve hit a minor snag with our installation. Out of 20 computers we have 14 that have adventure author running perfectly on them. However, another 6, exactly the same spec and with the install done correctly are giving us a problem. When you go to “Allow all plugins” in the editor, the computer locks-up and no settings are changed. We’re kind of at a loss with it so if anyone else has hit this problem and knows how to overcome we’d be extremely grateful.



May 7, 2010. Technical Problems. 1 comment.

Kick Off!

Project started today with the S1 class working their way through the Pre-Test questionnaires, going to do the same next block with the S2’s.

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Technical Difficulties

Just a wee pointer after I spent most of the day tearing my hair out!
If your using Windows 7 like I am on my laptop you need to make sure that you have this file installed on your computer:
These solve a compatibility problem with the NWN2 toolset and DirectX11.

March 1, 2010. Technical Problems. 1 comment.

Getting Started

Well first day back in school since the course finished on Friday and we’ve already started getting things together. Spoke very nicely to our ICT technician this morning and she’s going to get the software installed as soon as she can. I’m installing it on my laptop at the moment to┬álet my PT see the software and what exactly it can do, think he’ll be impressed with it. Hopefully barring any unforeseen technical issues we’ll be good to go at the start of May.

March 1, 2010. General. 2 comments.